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When it comes time to do your taxes, you hire a CPA who is an expert at income tax filing, rules and regulations. When you want your computer repaired you don’t go for the novice. You go for an expert in computer repair. One of the quickest paths to success is to focus and spend your time and efforts on those things that you do best. The people that are known to be the best in particular areas are experts. Just like the tax accountant or the computer repairperson, you too can establish yourself as an expert.

Establishing and positioning yourself, as an expert is more involved than just stating you are an expert, although that can be a start. The wrong thing to do however is to market yourself as an expert and then not deliver on that designation.

To be an expert you must have a lot of knowledge in a particular area. The narrower that area, the better. Just like any other marketing, establishing a niche reduces the chances for the consumer and reduces the number of competitors; both good for marketing.

To be an expert you must have experience in your area of expertise to go along with your knowledge. Experts can foresee problematic situations because of their experience. Drawing on these past experiences to provide solutions to clients is what an expert does. Experience isn’t necessarily measured by the number of years of doing something. It is measured more by how many times you were involved in situations that contributed to your expertise and how you learned from them.

Sometimes expertise is substantiated by education. Those writing Masters or PhD theses are considered to be well on their way to expert status. A Masters or PhD degree is not a necessary prerequisite for expertise, however. “On the job” training can often surpass knowledge learned by the normal educational process, i.e. classes, lectures, etc. Many times in the court of law, “expert witnesses” are used based solely on education or experience.

In marketing, positioning is providing and developing the right perceptions in the mind of your potential clients. Positioning is one of the core elements of successful marketing. It is more than a catchy tag line or some kind of fabricated difference between you and competitors. It is showing the world (your target market) that you are the expert in that field and the “go-to” person for information and solutions a true resource.

Obviously this positioning requires tremendous credibility. Publicizing your experience and education contributes toward that.

Here are my thoughts on how you can become an expert:

  • Write articles – published authors are considered experts in what they write about.
  • Write books – although a major undertaking, a book will substantiate your expertise through the written word.
  • Participate in on-line forums– answering questions and making comments about your area of expertise. This tactic will start to get you noticed and your status of an expert will begin to emerge.
  • Give Speeches – standing in front of an audience, sharing information puts you in the spotlight as an expert.
  • Consult – Oh? You’re a consultant? You must be an expert!
  • Coach – experts are known to help others and showing they care about what they do.
  • Win Awards – having the words, “award winning” in your bio separates you from all the non-award winners and your competition.

Market all of the above aggressively. Put information about your expertise in your bio, on your website, in your press releases, in your brochures, etc. Maintaining the identity of an expert takes great attention, energy and effort as well. Once an expert, always an expert; unless people don’t know, see or hear about you.

Handled correctly and strategically, positioning, informing and helping others as an expert will go a long way towards establishing and starting relationships with potential paying clients.

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