10 Reasons Why Multi-Media Will Explode Online This Year by Jim Edwards

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10 Reasons Why Multi-Media Will Explode Online This Year

             – by Jim Edwards

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Can you hear it? Turn up you computer’s speaker volume and take a good listen. What you hear is the next big wave sweeping the Internet and it’s called “Multi-Media!” Everyone from big corporations to small “mom and pop” websites have started using  sound and video to create projects and deliver their messages, even to people on slow dial-up connections. Here’s my take on the top 10 reasons why 2004 is the year multi-media takes over the Web.

#10 More “Sticky” Value:

“Sticky,” a phrase that pervaded the go-go online world of the late 1990’s. “Sticky” describes the ability of a site to keep customers at the site longer by engaging them with content. Audio and video make it much easier to create a “sticky” site.

#9 Cheap CD Burners:

The fact that virtually anyone can burn a CD and sell or share it makes the distribution of multi-media content a breeze. Small businesses can create limited quantities of high-value products and allow consumers to access huge amounts of data for less than the cost of a can of soda.

#8 People Learn Faster & Remember More:

The U.S. Military reported that audio-visual training increases learning and retention rates by up to 80% over written manuals. Bottom Line: This means people learn new information faster and can put it to better use more quickly.

#7 FAST Reaction To Change:

With basic computer equipment, a good microphone, and some easy-to-use software, virtually anyone can create information packages in a few days and publish them on CD or the Web the same day. This allows companies and individuals to profitably fill micro-niche needs in markets they could not otherwise touch.

#6 CHEAP Bandwidth:

Website hosting rates cheaper than ever. You can now transmit vast amounts of data over the Internet for pennies compared to just a year ago.

#5 EZ-To-Use Software:

Just a year ago you needed specialized training, special servers, and a significant budget to put even the most basic audio and video content up on the Web. Now, if you know how to click a mouse and understand what “record” and “stop” mean, you can create excellent content and host it virtually anywhere.

#4 Customers Crave More “Meaty” Content:

People want better, more useful information. Audio and video enables you to convey larger amounts of information more quickly than text.

#3 Better, Faster, Cheaper Computers:

A good $399 computer is now a reality. This means that not only can small companies produce good multi-media content, but it also means consumers on the receiving end of that content possess the computing power to use it.

#2 Streaming MP3 Audio:

You can now stream very good quality, clear audio across the web to dial-up Internet users – even on slow connections. Offering audio from a website opens up distribution possibilities that remind us of the glory days of radio.

#1 Widespread Us Of Flash Video:

Flash Video, the most important multi-media development of recent online history, makes it possible to stream and transmit huge amounts of data using video, pictures, and sound to virtually every computer (Mac or PC), even on dial up connections.

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